Loving my Belly

For my 35th birthday, I asked my friends to write messages of love on my belly. Birthdays, like the New Year, sometimes have this “It’s now or never” effect on me. I’m halfway through my thirties. I decided it’s time to start loving my belly.

10 Ways to Heat Up the Kitchen

One way to keep a relationship healthy is to try new things together. Even if you’re used to being in the kitchen together, you can always mix it up by varying the mood, the recipe, or your cooking approach. Try out some of these ideas to keep things sizzling.

PYP's Top 50 Body Positive Activists — Nos 29-1

Pursue Your Pleasure is proud to present fifty trailblazers in radical body positivity. No one person will ever represent all aspects of self- or other- acceptance. But we hope this list is encouraging in the many ways to appreciate, affirm, and celebrate our embodiment.

Sexy selfies and self-esteem

When I take a sexy selfie for someone, I have unique control over the image of myself that I’m sending them. What are my best features? What’s the most flattering light? How vulnerable do I want to be? By taking pictures that I like, I’m actively affirming my body is worth admiring. I’ve claimed a new appreciation for my appearance.